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OLTRE The bridge collection of the Oltre program has a wide range of handles, various shapes, materials, dimensions and finishes, created ad hoc to make each kitchen unique and personal.

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Wooden Doors
Door in anodised aluminium, only push-pull opening without finger rail
Door th. 22 mm, mortar finish
Door with black powder-coated aluminium frame, master line tempered glass th. 4 mm
Door with stained aluminium frame
Door with urban finish stained aluminium frame, with a water-repellent mdf panel covered on 2 sides
Fenix finish door
Lacquered door th. 22 mm, brushed opaque or glossy colours
Veneered door th. 22 mm with brushed effect finish
Veneered door th. 22 mm with textured vintage finish
Vintage metal effect lacquered door th. 22 mm
Nero (opz. al11)
Titanio (opz. al12)
Old black (opz. ma14)
Old dark (opz. ma13)
Old grey (opz. ma12)
Old white (opz. ma11)
Door with urban finish stained aluminium frame
bronze tempered glass screen printed with glittery decoration th. 4 mm.
with a water-repellent mdf panel covered with blackboard.
with black anodised metal sheet panel.
Bianco caldo (opz. 7446)
Castoro (opz. 8864)
Fumo (opz. 9629)
Grigio bromo (opz. 9626)
Nero (opz. 7861)
Argilla lucido (opz.9504)
Argilla opaco (opz.9503)
Bianco assoluto lucido (opz.741)
Bianco assoluto opaco (opz.740s)
Bianco caldo lucido (opz.7402)
Bianco caldo opaco (opz.7401)
Bistro lucido (opz.9536)
Bistro opaco (opz.9535)
Blu fiordaliso lucido (opz.8378)
Blu fiordaliso opaco (opz.8377)
Blu notte lucido (opz.8376)
Blu notte opaco (opz.8375)
Canapa lucido (opz.8532)
Canapa opaco (opz.8531)
Castoro lucido (opz.8908)
Castoro opaco (opz.8907)
Cenere lucido (opz.9548)
Cenere opaco (opz.9547)
Fumo lucido (opz.9532)
Fumo opaco (opz.9531)
Giallo ambra lucido (opz.328)
Giallo ambra opaco (opz.3275)
Grigio bromo lucido (opz.9534)
Grigio bromo opaco (opz.9533)
Grigio kenya lucido (opz.9502)
Grigio kenya opaco (opz.9501)
Grigio piombo lucido (opz.9538)
Grigio piombo opaco (opz.9537)
Nero lucido (opz.7893)
Nero opaco (opz.7892)
Rosso toscano lucido (opz.8158)
Rosso toscano opaco (opz.8157)
Terra di siena lucido (opz.8162)
Terra di siena opaco (opz.8161)
Verde lichene lucido (opz.8464)
Verde lichene opaco (opz.8463)
Verde positano lucido (opz.8472)
Verde positano opaco (opz.8471)
Rovere gesso (opz. 5395)
Rovere lavagna (opz. 5397)
Rovere sabbia (opz. 5396)
Rovere titanio (opz. 5398)
Rovere antracite invecchiato (opz. 5384)
Rovere argilla invecchiato (opz. 5385)
Rovere bianco invecchiato (opz. 5380)
Rovere corteccia invecchiato (opz. 5382)
Rovere juta invecchiato (opz. 5381)
Rovere madera termocotto con finito tarlo (opz. 5388)
Rovere mielato invecchiato (opz. 5383)
Rovere moro invecchiato (opz. 5386)
Rovere naturale invecchiato parquettato (opz. 5380)
Bronzo (opz. 8904)
Ferro (opz. 9506)
Peltro (opz. 9549)
Urban (opz. 7894)
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