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CREATIVA Smooth geometries which makes your kitchen unique. CREATIVA is a furnishing program for those who desire to project and personalize their living space and to have it exclusive. A fine movement of colors, materials and shapes for an endless creativity.

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Wooden Doors
Anta in mdf lavorata con malta naturale a base di calce sp.16 mm
Door in lacquered mdf th. 16 mm, direct glossy and matt finish with opening with grip on the bottom
Mdf door worked with combed mortar and scumbled colour finish th. 16 mm
Rear door in melamine th. 16 mm, assembled with 16 mm raised element in soft opaque lacquered mdf
Rear door veneered in multilaminar wood th. 16 mm, assembled with th. 16 mm raised element in soft opaque lacquered mdf
Effetto materico tinto grigio perla (opz. 9555m)
Effetto materico tinto lavagna (opz. 9543m)
Effetto materico tinto visone (opz. 946)
Argilla (opz.9504)
Bianco assoluto (opz.741)
Bianco caldo (opz.7402)
Bistro (opz.9536)
Blu fiordaliso (opz.8378)
Blu notte (opz.8376)
Bronzo (opz.8904)
Canapa (opz.8532)
Castoro (opz.8908)
Cenere (opz.9548)
Fumo (opz.9532)
Giallo ambra (opz.328)
Grigio bromo (opz.9534)
Grigio kenya (opz.9502)
Grigio perla (opz.9556)
Grigio piombo (opz.9538)
Lavagna (opz.9544)
Nero (opz.7893)
Rosso toscano (opz.8158)
Terra di siena (opz.8162)
Titanio (opz.9546)
Verde lichene (opz.8464)
Verde positano (opz.8472)
Visone (opz.947)
Tinto brown con sfumature bianche (opz. 5320p)
Tinto cashmere con sfumature visone (opz. 5322p)
Tinto cognac con sfumature bianche (opz. 5390p)
Tinto lavagna con sfumature bianche (opz. 9627p)
Tinto rovere white con sfumature grigio perla e titanio (opz. 5321p)
Melaminico effetto legno
Melaminico effetto malta
veneered wood + laccato
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